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Are you dreaming of getting the admission in the best colleges of India? Are you looking for the great Rank in IIT JEE Mains and Advanced? Then go through this article. You need the IIT JEE Coaching Institutes for this.

Every year lakhs of students from India participates in one of the world’s toughest exam. For this, some candidates believe in self-study and some opt for the coaching institutes. However, self-study is most important but coaching center gives you the right direction for study.

IIT JEE coaching institutes

Over the years, a number of coaching institutes have been established and every of them pretends to be the best. The students get confused that who is the best coaching institute. So let’s see the top IIT-JEE coaching institutes.

IIT JEE Coaching Institutes

Allen Kota

Allen Kota was established in 1988 as Pre-Medical coaching institute. But in last few years Allen Kota has given the fantastic results in IIT JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and became one of the most popular IIT-JEE coaching institutes in India. At the time of starting, Allen Kota has only one branch in Kota, Rajasthan. But now it has branches in Jaipur, Chandigarh, Indore, Surat, Ranchi, Ahmedabad and other few places.

iit jee coaching institutes allen kota

The Allen Kota has experienced faculty and has separate teachers for all topics having perfection in their fields. In IIT JEE Advanced 2016 exam, Allen Kota has given 25 in top 100 candidates and also 4 in top 10 candidates.

Official Website: – www.allen.ac.in

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Vibrant Academy

Vibrant Kota is also one of the best coaching institutes but it is mainly known for the JEE Advanced Coaching. It provides the best results in JEE Advanced.

It has one of the best faculty in India. It has approximate 50% success rate in JEE Advanced exam. But the negative point of Vibrant Academy is that it does not focus on JEE Mains and other competitive exams. And another thing is that it has no separate classes for Hindi Medium students. But if you want to get good rank in the JEE Advanced then go for the Vibrant Academy Kota.

Vibrant Academy iit jee coaching institute

Official Website: – www.vibrantacademy.com


Forum for Indian Institute of Technology and Joint Entrance Exam or FIIT JEE was established in the year 1992. FIIT JEE has proven itself over the years by producing the results every year. FIIT JEE has produced 17 students in top 50 and 36 students in top 100 in the JEE Advanced 2016.

FIIT JEE has the branches in all over South India. It conducts a Test Series considered as the best test series. FIIT JEE also responds to complaints of the students and even changes its faculty if required. FIIT JEE is consistently one of the best coaching institutes from many past years.


Official Website: – www.fiitjee.co

Sri Chaitanya And Narayana (CHAINA) Hyderabad

Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy And Narayana Coaching ae two different coaching institutes for Medical and Engineering entrance exams. Initially, both were rivals but now the have collaborated and known as  Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy (CHAINA). CHAINA has got the top 3 ranks in IIT Mains 2016. The study pressure is very high in this coaching institute. Classes start at 6 AM in the morning and continue till 1 PM, and another session from 2 PM to 8 PM. If you are willing to take admission here then prepare to take the study pressure.

Official Website: – srichaitanya.net

Resonance Kota

Resonance was established in the year 2001. Resonance has produced the tremendous results from past few years in IIT JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced both. The faculty in top 2-3 batches is experienced but for the remaining batches, the faculty is not so good. The strength of each batch is approx 150 which can make you uncomfortable. But Resonance takes care of the topper students. Resonance has only 12 centers which provide the classroom coaching facility. There is separate faculty for the English Medium and Hindi Medium students and both are treated equally.

iit jee coaching institutes

Official Website: – www.resonance.ac.in

Vidyamandir Classes (VMC Classes)

Vidyamandir Classes or VMC classes was established by the ex-IITians. They guided thousands of students to fulfill their dreams of getting the top ranks in IIT exams. The faculty of VMC is trained and passed out from IIT. The strength of students in each batch is limited so that every student can get the attention. The study material provided by the VMC is very good and no extra study material or books are required. VMC produced 48 ranks in top 1000 students in IIT JEE Advanced 2016.

Official Website: – www.vidyamandir.com

IITians Pace

IITians Pace results have been unmatched by any other institute in the state of Maharashtra from past years. The quality of coaching in IITians Pace leaves nothing to be desired. you will improve in your studies if you are in toppers or average students but if you are below then the scenario is not that much great. IITians Pace has continuously given the first rank from Maharashtra. It has produced 16 out of 100 AIR in IIT JEE Advanced in the year 2016. So if you are willing to study in Mumbai, you can go for IITians Pace.

Official Website: – www.iitianspace.com

Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute gets the tough competition from the VMC and FIIT JEE. Aakash has given some good results in past few years. But Aakash Institute has the good faculty, not the best. Aakash has produced the 3500 students in IIT JEE Mains and 1400 students in IIT JEE Advanced. The Delhi branch of Aakash is much better than the other branches. So if you want to study in Aakash, choose the Delhi Branch.

Aakash Institute

Official website: – www.aakash.ac.in

Motion IIT JEE

The faculty of Motion IIT JEE is brilliant. The best thing is that the students are allowed to take the classes of any teacher they like. It has the facility of individual classes that is you can take the individual classes for each subject. The faculty takes care of every student whether you are among the toppers or average. The Motion IIT JEE gave the excellent results in few years.

Motion IIT JEE

Official website: – www.motioniitjee.com

These are top coaching institute for the coaching of JEE Main and Advanced across the India.


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