How To Prepare For JEE Mains And Advanced Exams

IIT-JEE Exams (Main & Advanced) are one of the most difficult exams of the world. Preparing for JEE Main and Advanced also, cracking of these exams is really a tough task. This is a very important phase of students life because, after 12th class, this is the time to choose your career. This is the foundation stone towards the brighter future.

jee mains and advance

To crack the IIT JEE Exam, basic of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics must be cleared. Candidates should try to focus on the basics of all three subjects from the 11th class. We have provided the basic tips to prepare for the IIT JEE Exam in this article. For more information about How to Prepare for IIT JEE exams read this article carefully.

How To Prepare JEE Main & Advanced Exam – Complete Guide

We have given the tips to prepare for the JEE Mains & JEE Advanced exam below. So, read them carefully and apply them to crack the JEE Exam.

  1. Time Management
  2. Prepare A Plan
  3. Know Syllabus, Exam Pattern, And Weightage of Marks
  4. Coaching Classes
  5. Approach To Problems
  6. Solving Previous Years Papers
  7. Group Study
  8. Health Care
  9. Avoid Distraction

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1. Time Management

Time management is the most important factor for the preparation of IIT-JEE Exam. Without time management, no one can reach his goals. There is a difference between sitting 18 hours a day with a book and actually studying 18 hours a day. You have to use the time in actually studying rather than sitting with a book and wasting time. So manage your time according to these tips:

time management

  • Complete the most important task first rather than the least important.
  • Say NO to friends and family while studying.
  • If you are weak in any subject, not waste time by postponing it. Try to read that subject in baby steps and after some time you will be a master in that.
  • Make Important tasks into the habit means to make a habit to revise the formulas in the morning.
  • Set the time duration for each topic or chapter.

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2. Prepare A Plan

After getting from the bed, take 15-20 minutes to make a plan for the day. Plan your day according to the number of tasks you have to do and in what time you have to complete these tasks. Make your day plan according to these tips:


  • Get the calendar, diary, and pen.
  • Divide your tasks according to their priority.
  • Keep a long time for your studying.
  • You should carry your notes while going to the cafeteria or somewhere like that place.
  • Take the power nap when you feel sleepy or take a break.
  • Get the enough sleep.

3. Know Syllabus, Exam Pattern, And Weightage of Marks

The Syllabus of JEE Main and Advanced is very vast. If you want a good rank in JEE Mian and Advanced, you must go through all the three subjects and should have equal command on each subject.


For this, you should properly know the syllabus of all three subjects, exam pattern and weight age of marks. You should make the list of important topics according to the weight age of marks. Study the important topics firstly followed by the least important.

4. Coaching Classes

Coaching classes are the crucial part of JEE Main and Advanced. Coaching class gives you the direction of study and crystal clear concepts. Coaching classes always help you to score the higher marks in the exam.


Nowadays, coaching is the best option for preparation for the JEE Exams. You will get the study material, expert teachers to solve your doubts and to direct you. You should select your coaching institute according to the performance and your comfort.

5. Approach To Problems

Self-study is the most important factor of JEE Main and Advanced. No matter how many books you buy or whether you take the coaching classes or not, you have to spend the time in studying these books.

time management

If you are finding difficulty in any topic, consult with your teacher and don’t waste time in solving that. Learn the approach that how to solve the problem in an easy way and limited time period. Your teachers will guide you in this.

6. Solving Previous Year Papers

Always remember that the concepts of the questions are same and there is nothing like a new question. Remember one thing also that the questions do repeat. So solve the previous year question papers as much as you can.

Previous Papers

It will make you understand the concepts of papers and it will teach you the time management, approach to solving the paper and your preparation of all the subjects. Solving of previous papers or mock tests will also give you the confidence which will help you in the JEE Main and JEE Advanced actual exam.

7. Group Study

Group study is also the effective way to prepare for the JEE Main and Advanced Exam. Group study will accelerate your preparation for the IIT-JEE and you can finish your syllabus quickly. But it will happen only when you find the right partner for studying.

group study

It is very important to find a right partner for studying otherwise your partner can distract you from the studies. And you will waste your precious time with your partner.

8. Health Care

The most curious factor in JEE exam preparation is your health. If you stay healthy throughout 1 or 2 years that is your preparation period till the exam then you can give your 100% in the JEE exam. If you are not healthy then it will distract you from your preparations and you will not be able to give your 100%. Eat properly and get proper sleep. There are some tips to remain healthy and fit mentioned below:

health care

  • Take out some time from your schedule for light exercise or play an outdoor game.
  • Eat healthy food like the green vegetable, fruits etc.
  • Sleep properly.
  • Avoid junk food or oily food.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Take 15-20 minutes rest in the middle of the study.

9. Avoid Distraction

Nowadays there are so many social media portals like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. It is very easy to waste the time in using these portals. This can distract you from your preparations and let you down in a big way. If you are not able to control yourself from these then you cannot achieve your goal of JEE Exam. There are many apps that will block your apps for certain period of time. Use these apps at the time of studying.

These are some tips for the preparation for the JEE Main and Advanced Exam. Please let us know what you think about these tips.


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